Spock`s Beard

  • Since we have a thread about Mr. Morse, it seems appropriate to have a Beard thread as well, taking into consideration, that they have a brand new album out called Noise Floor. Interesting, that it features Nick D`Virgilio on drums and vocals...

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  • Looking forward to hearing this new album. Apparently Nick has a busy schedule and won't be touring with SB, but Alan Morse says fans will know their new touring drummer. Hmm...:/

  • Their album 'V' is the best I've heard. I've not heard them all. I saw them once, without Neil Morse and they were very good live. I'm not a huge fan of 'modern' prog, but some of those US bands have made some good music over the years. Echolyn and Glass Hammer have their moments too.

  • Currently on a Spock's Beard listening spree.

    I've come to admire them more and more the more I listen to them. I know how important Neal was to the band, and I love watching him perform, he always puts in 100% on stage, but I do think Nick is the better singer live.

    I love both the Nick and Neal eras equally; my top two SB albums are The Kindness Of Strangers and 10, one from each era.

    Regarding Ted Leonard and the current era, I think he fits in quite well, but, so far, I prefer the two previous eras. The current music is very strong but maybe not quite as experimental as in the past. Still good stuff though. 8)

  • I tend to agree with you Dave. I sort of overlooked Alan's contributions a bit in the early days, but when I got The Kindness Of Strangers, I loved his playing throughout that album. It has a similar sharp, staccato sound to Steve Howe at times. Love watching him play without a plectrum too, quite rare that amongst guitarists. For me though, SB's secret weapon has to be Ryo; the more I listen to him, the more I'm impressed with him. Love his stage presence too. 8)

  • Ryo has a solo album called 'Coming Through' (2002) with a few high profile guest artists. It's quite good. I've seen SB a few times in concert and Ryo is the life of the band.

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