Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex (new album 2023)

  • Christian

    Changed the title of the thread from “steven wilson-new album” to “Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex (new album 2023)”.
  • Not really. For me it's a totally different approach, no tracks released on the internet before hand, unlike PG!

    The hype is being built by hoping you get invited to a spatial audio listening session. Only 3 of these so far in London, attended by 25-30 people per event - a run through of the album in darkness. Over 10000 applied for the London playbacks, I believe there is a session in LA next week. probably more to follow.

    Excitement is built by listening to those who were there gush about how great the new album is etc....

    No release date confirmed yet - Sept 29th seems to be the general consensus. Should be a good one!

  • You are right.

    You shouldn't compare Steven Wilson with Peter Gabril, they are very different musicians.

    I think WOMAD is more open to hear i/o.

    I follow SW from time to time, I have one of his last solo albums, but the proposal of FULL MOON CLUB by pg is unique...

  • PG definitely unique - very novel approach to releasing I/o.

    SW always worth following in my opinion - live shows always great too.