And I'll Scratch Yours

  • Interested to know what people think about this. I've only listened recently as it didn't really appeal to me. Some I really enjoyed, others I thought were dreadful.

    Highlights for me were Come Talk To Me (Bon Iver), Blood Of Eden (Regina Spektor), Shock The Monkey (Joseph Arthur), Games Without Frontiers (Arcade Fire), and Mercy Street (Elbow). Don't Give Up by Feist, Timber Timbre is OK too. The rest was...not to my taste.

    I suppose that's not a bad hit rate for an artist I rate so highly, so therefore I'm probably predisposed to dislike most efforts to cover him. To everyone's credit, at least they all seemed to do something different.

  • Agreed to your favorites list - with one exception: I also love Mother Of Violence, it's so dark and so different...

    Biko could have been much better, but I always thought Paul Simon wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Lyrics and chorus variations reminded me of Graceland, he did that in that one as well.




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