Region Code on the colour boxsets DVD layer?

  • Hi everyone,

    Hopefully this is a question someone can answer easily!

    Does anyone know what region the DVDs are for the Green 1970-1975 boxset? Are they Region 1, 2, 0, or does it depend on which country you buy them from?

    I'm trying to buy a green boxset, and I don't know if it's cheaper to buy a full set, or buy the albums separately. The DVDs are as important as the SACD/CD layer for me, as I'm interested in the interviews for each album.

    So, basically, if I brought one of the US sets for example, would that work on a UK DVD player?

    Thanks for any help you can provide :)

  • Ok - the good news is that the DVDs, regardless from which country you are purchasing the DVDs from, are not region-encoded.

    However, if you source a set from the UK or Europe, the DVDs will be in PAL video format (which, of course, is standard in these regions). If you source your sets from North America, South Korea, or Japan, the DVDs will be in NTSC video format (which is standard in these regions). The good news here is that, since they are not region-encoded, the NTSC discs will normally play on DVD players in the UK. I know this from first-hand experience - I grew up in America, but lived in England for about 7 years. The DVDs that I brought from the States all worked there if the DVD was not region-encoded. So, on the DVD front, you are good to go.


    If having the hybrid SACD/CD discs is important to you, you’ll have to source your sets outside of North America: here, these boxsets are only CDs - no SACD-layer is on the discs.

    Good luck in your search! 🍀

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  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for the reply and information, that's a weight off my mind :)

    I'd have hated to have brought a cheaper American set only for the DVDs not to work!!!

    I'm not too bothered about the hybrid SACD or just regular CD, as I haven't go an SACD player so I'll only be listening in stereo anyway.

    Slightly similar question to you or anyone, for the live "Black" boxset, do the DVD layers just contain the albums in 5.1, there's no interviews or other visual content on those discs?


  • That’s correct - the “Black” live box has audio 5.1 versions of the albums only on the DVDs.

    However, in case you might be curious about the “White” live box, some of those do have extras, e.g., the “MAMA” tour DVD has an extra video of the band recording their 1983 eponymous album made by a certain Phil Collins - I think he had just bought his first handheld portable video camera and was using it to document the sessions.

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