• I'm way late to this thread but want to say I love trespass. I find it very consistent with a somewhat odd, evocative atmosphere throughout. I think looking for someone is particularly strong. I agree with the person who put it in their top 5, I think it would be in mine too. I also discovered it at a time when there was no internet and I was buying bootlegs (and some albums) from vinyl tap. I got trespass on CD but it would have had to be a special order from the local music store as there's no way they would have had it in stock. So I'm sure there was a sense of obtaining something hard to find when I finally got to hear it. And it is an oddity, with a unique lineup that didn't exist before or after. I think the guys playing on it did a very good job. There's a lot of guitar on it which also makes it stand out in the genesis oeuvre. It's interesting to compare it to the more polished live versions on subsequent tours.

    Is it flawed? Yes. Do I enjoy it? Definitely.