Miscellaneous vocal observations from recent albums

  • (1) On "Corycian Fire" from WOLFLIGHT: The ending seems to have a lot of people singing, mostly female with some male voices that don't sound particularly like Steve. Yet no one is credited with vocals on the track except Steve. I guess someone forgot to credit all the other singers?

    (2) On "Inca Terra" from THE NIGHT SIREN: It took me several listens to realize that the male vocals at the beginning don't sound like Steve. Sure enough, the credits say Nad Sylvan does vocals on the track. Typically, the credits don't differentiate between lead and backing vocals, but I guess the lead vocals on this track are by Nad (and Amanda) rather than Steve.

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  • Would that have been possible and/or necessary?

    Hmm, so is that how all those voices on "In Memoriam" were done?

    Given the credits on "In Memoriam" (Choir Modelled by Roger King) I'm guessing so, yes. Samples, fiddled with in the studio, not in real time, and assembled as required. Necessary? If you want that sound, without hiring an choir, yes.


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  • Actually with the increasing amount of excellent commercial samples of different voices now it is quite easy. I am involved in a project where one would swear there is a female singer singing harmonies...There isn't...All done by samples

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