Scratch: Peter Gabriel Tribute (complete album)

  • Hi everyone

    Musicians from Israel have recorded and released a complete "Scratch" Tribute album.

    these are the tracks and involved bands / musicians

    01 On the Air [O MER] 3:41
    02 D.I.Y. [Van Der Bl?te] 5:08
    03 Mother of Violence (feat. Mothers of Violet) [Euro-K Mix] 4:49
    04 A Wonderful Day in a One Way World [Itamar] 3:52
    05 White Shadow (feat. Oren Ben David, Doron Kochli) [Meuban] 3:49
    06 Indigo [Yona Schnitzer, Jonathan Haringman] 5:04
    07 Exposure [Water Knives] 7:08
    08 Animal Magic (feat. Kobi Farhi, Ethel) [OY LI] 3:21
    09 Flotsam and Jetsam [SaffeK] 2:38
    10 Perspective [Tom plus] 3:29
    11 Home Sweet Home (feat. Optimus Prime) [Armageddon Jam] 4:34

    The album is available at Bandcamp, iTunes and amazonUK (and also other digital platforms).

    See also our news item:…bum-from-Israel-n556.html

    Omer Dayan, the producer, wrote me in an Email:

    I felt the "Scratch My Back" album and challenge should get a conceptual reply that would respect PG's work and art and this album has always been a personal favorite of mine - the concept was to open the production that Fripp and PG made so closed and different than other work in an album that just waited to be opened and Scratched.