INTERVIEW with Mike Rutherford, Tim Howar and Andrew Roachford (11th April) now online

  • Out Interview with Mike + The Mechanics (Andrew, Tim, Mike) ist now online here…11th-April-2019-s714.html




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  • Interesting read indeed. Also nice to see that Roachford ist still taking his solo carreer seriously and a four piece band should be right thing for his tour. Will try to get to one of his shows.

    Let Me Fly was a nice album, the new one is not for me.

    Other than that, they seem to do well, given rather complicated circumstances (full schedules etc)

  • I actually really like all three of the new tracks a lot. The re-recorded songs are okay, but most of them just left me wanting to hear the originals, especially stuff like Another Cup Of Coffee and Over My Shoulder. The acoustic versions are nice. Nice to have the signed deluxe version too, although I hate the way the CDs fit in the sleeves.