Your favorite PETER GABRIEL solo albums

  • Hi, about my favourite Peter Gabriel albums, I have always held his PG III (MELT) album in high esteem, I had it on vinyl and cassette.

    SO album on vinyl and it never failed me. I have now bought his version with Live In Athens (1987) on cd.

    There is also a live version, which I won in a raffle on the radio (RNE) which was the PLAYS LIVE (NOT THE HIGHLIGHTS).

    Us and Up are good but they are not on my list. Personally US is better than UP, although listening to UP tracks at i/o concerts is a pleasant surprise.

    And now i/o, I'm liking and I listen to it a lot with my wireless headphones in their live shows in Berlin and Paris. I think it's a great album...

  • i/o is now also in my Top 3. Besides Melt and currently Scratch My Back, which I listen to a lot these days. But this will probably be US again in a few weeks .... just a temporary moody :)

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