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New books about Genesis, Hackett, Gabriel

A little update and summary about book releases

This news should give you a small overview of books about Genesis that we have not already presented in a separate news or review. This is also only about books that have recently been published or are due to be published soon.

Songs of GenesisThe Songs Of Genesis: A Complete Guide To The Studio Recordings is a book by author Steve Aldous, that was released in 2020 already. The paperback contains 337 pages and is comparatively expensive. In terms of content, the author deals with the songs, their lyrics and overall context - the author himself had also explained this in our English forum (see here). In principle, it should be comparable to Mario Giammetti's book Tutti Gli Album, Tutte Le Canzoni, which unfortunately is not available in English. Steve Aldous' book is available in some major shops, i.e. amazon-uk.

A similar work on Genesis has already been on the market since 2019: Genesis: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) is likely to follow the same concept, as the name suggests. The author in this case is Stuart Macfarlane, and it was published by Wymer / Sonicbond. Since we cannot judge which of the two books is more worth reading, we are also grateful for hints here. With 142 pages it is at least much shorter than The Songs Of Genesis. This book is available on amazon-uk and Wymer Publishing (and is much cheaper than the first one).

Every Album, Every Song is actually quite an extensive series, because a corresponding book has also been dedicated to a number of other bands and musicians. So it is hardly surprising that such a book has also been announced about Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) will be published on 24 September 2021 and, with 160 pages, is similarly extensive as the Genesis book. It can be pre-ordered at amazon-uk or Wymer.

That there will also be such a book about Steve Hackett is at least a little surprising. Steve Hackett: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) will be published on 15 June 2021 and, with 176 pages, is also the most comprehensive book in this series (with a Genesis reference). You can pre-order this book at Burningshed.

On Track

On 1 November 2021, there will also be a new book about the history of Genesis: Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail was written by author Peter Chrisp and will be published by Sona Books (where it is interestingly listed under the title Tu Me On Again) as a hardback book. At only 128 pages, we probably shouldn't expect a detailed work here. This book is available for pre-order on amazonDE only at the moment, but should be available elsewhere later as well.

Of course, we were a bit surprised that with this flood of books, there is no new work about Phil Collins at all. But we did find something: Stress Relief Coloring Book: Colouring Phil Collins might help some of you get over the stressful Corona time. You can get the colouring book (for little money) at amazonDE (we haven't found an international retailer so far).

Genesis Collins Bücher

published on 26.04.21 07:40 by Christian @ Genesis

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