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Phil Collins: Miami rehearsal setlist revealed

There is nothing planned after the band rehearsals

Late last year, Phil Collins announced he was writing again and was thinking about playing live again. In the summer, fans eventually got to know that Phil would be rehearsing with a band in Mimai to check whether or not he would be able (and would want) to perform live again.

Phil Collins 2014To this day, there is no official word about the results of these rehearsals, but recent statements and interviews indicate that Phil does not feel comfortable with full scale shows at this time (see our news item about his gig with the Little Dreams Foundation here and also an interview to promote Together And Apart (Genesis) here.

Today, the setlist from the final run through has been revealed. You may consider it a standard Phil Collins set, yet there are still a few surprises. Besides the usual suspects, the band reheased the never before performed song Testify. Also, Wake Up Call from the same album was among the set. Tracks he has not played for a while, like Hand In Hand, If Leaving Me is Easy, Can't Turn Back The Years and Both Sides Of The Story have also been rehearsed. Survivors, a fan favorite, was among the songs as were Do You Remember and True Colors. From Going Back, only the titel track was rehearsed.

You can see the full set on the image.

Please remember that there has not been any official word whether or not Phil Collins will ever tour again. As for now, there are no plans.

Phil Collins Setlist 2014
published on 28.09.14 18:54 by Christian @ Phil Collins

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