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    German Genesis Fanclub: 25th anniversary

    Carpet Crawlers: Genesis Celebration 1970 - 1982

    European Tour 2012

    The British Genesis Tribute-band Carpet Crawlers: Genesis Celebration 1970-1982 are well known among Genesis-fans, especially in the UK. The band performs songs mainly from the 1970-1982 period and plays regularly in front of a growing fanbase. Even British music press showed interest and some reviews were published. This fall, the band goes on tour again in Europe.


    Brian Cummins: Lead Vocals, Flute, Drums
    Jim Faulkner: Lead Guitar, 12-String
    Andy Keegan: 12-String, Keyboards, Vocals
    Chris Watt: Bass, 12-String, Taurus, Vocals
    Neil Carter: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

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    Last update: 12/09/2012

    21/09/12 Stafford - Gatehouse Theater
    UK tickets
    29/09/12 Liverpool - O2 Academy
    UK tickets
    27/10/12 Dartford - Mick Jagger Centre
    UK tickets
    28/10/12 Uden - De Pul
    Netherlands tickets
    29/10/12 Hamburg - Logo
    Germany tickets
    31/10/12 Oslo - John Dee Club
    Norway tickets
    01/11/12 Gothenborg - Musikens Hus
    02/11/12 Kosta - Folkets Hus
    Sweden tickets
    04/11/12 Dresden - Tante Ju
    Germany tickets
    Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
    Germany tickets
    07/11/12 Pratteln - Z7
    09/11/12 Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg
    10/11/12 Zoertermeer - De Boerderij
    Netherlands tickets
    24/11/12 Worcester - Huntingdon Hall

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