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    Anthony Phillips plays on new Anna Madsen album

    GTR's Jonathan Mover is also listed as guest musician

    Anthony Phillips and GTR's Jonathan Mover appear on the new studio album Efflorescence by Anna Madsen. The American singer has been described as "Lana Del Rey meets Kate Bush meets Enya", but her influences include contemporary classical composers, church hymns from her childhood, world music, and modern Alternative Rock and Folk. Anna Madsen’s new album, Efflorescence, sees her exploring a variety of musical styles, including indie pop, art rock, progressive rock, and folk/Americana. The album was produced and recorded by award-winning producer Brian Coombes (formerly of the progressive rock band Tristan Park) at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield, NH, with additional recording in London, England. The album features guest performances from original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips and renowned drummer Jonathan Mover (GTR). Here is a description about the tracks on the album, including the specific contributions by Jonathan Mover and Anthony Phillips (taken from the press sheet):

    Anna Madsen coverDevil’s Garden
    One of the more “progressive” tracks, featuring a dark harmonic progression, odd meter changes, and Jonathan Mover on drums.

    A simple “Gypsy pop” platonic love song.

    Palm Reader
    Ethereal vocals with harmonies and orchestration.

    March of the Wounded
    A powerful progressive pop song.

    Black Dress
    Dark, sinister, and atmospheric, featuring Anthony Phillips on electric guitar and Jonathan Mover on drums.

    Golden Room
    Baroque pop with operatic middle section.

    Madame Laree
    Gypsy folk fairytale.

    Atmospheric pop/rock with dark lyrical content.

    Another “progressive” track, featuring mellotron, harpsichord, and celeste, and cello.

    Irena’s Lullaby
    Pastoral 12 string guitars & strings, featuring Anthony Phillips.

    Soldier Song
    Simple folk song with harmonies.

    Pioneer Hymn
    Spiritual Americana, featuring Anthony Phillips on cuatro guitar.

    The album is available on iTunes and CD Baby. More information can be found on Anna Madsen's website.

    published on 02.06.16 21:05 by Christian @ Anthony Phillips

    Anthony Phillips plays on new Anna Madsen album Comments:

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