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    Paul Young: Posthumous album "Chronicles" out in March

    Musician friends finish some of his unreleased songs

    He was frequently confused with another Paul Young. This Paul Young became famous as the singer of Sad Café but particularly so as one of the two singers of Mike + The Mechanics. After the M6 tour with the Mechanics in 1999 he suddenly passed away in 2000. He never released a solo album but had mentioned several times that he was working on one.

    Now an album called Chronicles is scheduled to be released later in March. It developed out of some thirty songs that were found recorded in more or less completed form after Paul Young's death. Alistair Gordon and Martin Kronlund produced an album and many musician friends besides the Mechanics Mike Rutherford and Paul Carrack have helped to complete the unfinished songs.

    The album contains these songs:

    paul young chronicles01 House Of Many Nations
    02 Your Shoes
    03 Grace Of God *
    04 Loss Of Innocence
    05 Frozen Heart
    06 Two Wrongs
    07 Water Now The Seed
    08 Here Comes The Future
    09 Everything
    10 One Heart
    11 We Did Nothing Wrong
    12 I'm In Heaven Again
    13 Everyday Hurts (live)

    * duet with Paul Carrack

    Your Shoes is to be released as a single in the UK. Everyday Hurts is a live version by the Mechanics that will be available only on the original pressing. Chronicles is released on Escape Music, preorder options are currently only available in Germany (see German news) and the USA (amazon).

    published on 22.01.11 15:48 by martinus @ Mike Rutherford

    Paul Young: Posthumous album "Chronicles" out in March Comments:

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