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    Phil Collins: Worldwide release dates (Live At Montreux)

    An overview about formats and dates - worldwide

    Phil Collins' First Final Farewell tour has been documented comprehensively with the 2DVD set Finally ... The First Farewell Tour, a review of which you will find here. Reports from the tour are collected here.

    coverA second concert film from this tour is set to come out soon. It is called Live At Montreux 2004. While the set of that show is identical with that on the First Final Farewell DVD, the bonus material is electrifying: For the first time major parts of Collins' Big Band show 1996 in Montreux are published. Collectors have various audio recordings of the show that was broadcast on the radio back then. It is considered a cult concert, not least because of the Los Endos Suite.

    Live at Montreux 2004

    01. Drum Thing
    02. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
    03. Against All Odds
    04. Donít Lose My Number
    05. Youíll Be In My Heart
    06. One More Night
    07. Canít Stop Loviní You
    08. Hang In Long Enough
    09. True Colours
    10. Come With Me
    11. A Groovy Kind Of Love
    12. I Missed Again
    13. Another Day In Paradise
    14. No Way Out
    15. Separate Lives
    16. In The Air Tonight
    17. Dance Into The Light
    18. You Canít Hurry Love
    19. Two Hearts
    20. Wear My Hat
    21. Easy Lover
    22. Sussudio
    23. Itís Not Too Late
    24. Drums Again
    25. Take Me Home

    Live At Montreux 1996 - Phil Collins Big Band

    01. Two Hearts
    02. Thatís All
    03. In The Air Tonight
    04. Invisible Touch
    05. The West Side
    06. Against All Odds
    07. Hand In Hand
    08. Thereíll Be Some Changes Made (featuring Tony Bennett)
    09. Milestones
    10. Los Endos Suite
    11. Always
    12. Do Nothing ĎTil You Hear From Me
    13. Sussudio

    Live at Montreux will be released on Blu-ray and 2DVD:

    Austria: 23rd March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Australia: 30th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Benelux: 26th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Canada: 27th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    France: 27th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Germany: 23rd March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Ireland: 23rd March (Blu-ray), 27th March (Blu-ray)
    Italy: 27th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Japan: 4th April (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Poland: 26th March (Blu-ray), 2nd April (2DVD)
    Scandinavia: 26th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    South Africa: 26th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    South America: 25th April (Blu-ray), 15th April (2DVD)*
    South East Asia: 26th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Spain: 26th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    Switzerland: 23rd March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)
    UK: 26th March (Blu-ray), 30th April (2DVD)
    USA: 27th March (Blu-ray / 2DVD)

    *Chile, Brazil, Argentina

    The Blu-ray can be ordered from: 

    PLAY (worldwide delivery)

    Forum discussion

    published on 19.03.12 20:17 by Christian @ Phil Collins

    Phil Collins: Worldwide release dates (Live At Montreux) Comments:

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