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    Phil Collins on Nathan Eastís upcoming solo album

    Unfinished 1991 recording with Eric Clapton now to be released

    Reverence is the title of Nathan Eastís new solo album set to come out in late January 2017. East has frequently worked with Phil Collins in the studio as well as live, most recently in his US Open performance. In the making of the album a 25-year-old unfinished recording featuring Phil Collins and Eric Clapton surface, and Nathan East decided to complete it.

    It is a cover of Earth, Wind & Fireís Serpentine Fire. Written by Maurice and Verdine White and Sonny Burke, it was the opening track of their 1977 album All NíAll.  Nathan and his brother Marcel recorded a cover version of it in 1991 to boost their solo career, and it has Eric Clapton playing the guitar and Phil Collins drumming. The recording was shelved until recently when Nathan Eastís long-time sound engineer Moogie rediscovered it. The version was given a make-over before it was completed with help from Earth Wind & Fire band members Philip Bailey (vocals), Verdine White (bass) and Ralph Johnson (percussion).

    Though it is not, strictly speaking, a new recording, it may still be interesting for fans. You can listen to the finished product here:


    It is unlikely that Collins and East will get together in 2017. Phil has Leland Sklar playing bass in his tour band while Nathan is touring with his old friend Eric Clapton.

    Nathan Eastís new solo album Reverence comes out on January 20, 2017. It can be pre-ordered from here: (CD) (CD)

    published on 13.12.16 12:35 by martinus @ Phil Collins

    Phil Collins on Nathan Eastís upcoming solo album Comments:

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