Smallcreep's Day - URGENT remix needed!

  • OK, so I'll restart my personal crusade again here...... :)

    Please, please can we have a 5.1 surround mix of Smallcreep? This album was made for 5.1, in my view.

    Nick Davis has done a brilliant remix job on Tony's 'A Curious Feeling' - surely Mark Powell at Esoteric/CherryRed can persuade Mike that working the same magic on SD is a great idea!



  • Mike seems oddly against a lot of things. He seems unwilling to license out his songs or allow them to have much of a digital/streaming presence. He seemed to think the Genesis remixes were unnecessary. He was unwilling to let Paul Carrack use all of the Mechanics songs he wanted on his greatest hits albums, to the point they fell out over it.

    I'm sure he has his reasons for his choices, but they seem very odd to me.

  • Yes, Smallcreep's Day is one of my favourite albums of all time and it should definitely get a remastered version!

    @ WinstonWolf: You're right. I don't understand his choices either.


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  • His attitude is odd, since IMO, SD is the best non-Hackett solo Genesis album. There is (was) an online rip of the CD, which I have, guilt free, since I can't buy it. I have a musicassette copy from original release date, so I do own a legit copy!


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  • Let's team up and do an illegal remaster of that album, the way things look I wouldn't be surprised if Mike even wrote in his last will there must never be a remaster of Smallcreep's Day :rolleyes: