Anthrax Drummer Charlie Benante recommends to see Genesis

  • Charlie Benante, drummer of the Metal-Band Anthrax, has posted an emitional statement on his Instagram Account, after visiting the Genesis show in Chicago.

    Quote from Charlie Benante

    I went to see @genesis_band last night and had no idea it was going to be such an emotional experience for me. #philcollins is and will always be an amazing drummer/artist. I think he has created some of the best grooves,fills, etc. When I saw him come out last night… I started to cry. I’m writing this now feeling that way too. Time had taken a toll And I realized that time really does fly. The band kicked in and Bam! The water dried up and I was happy again.

    something came over me and I just got all emotional. I used to play Genesis songs in a cover band when I was young , I knew a lot of the parts like the back of my hand. I guess seeing Phil sitting and not being Phil was hard for me to watch . As the show went on Phil got better and better and I actually cried a bit more later on when they did #carpetcrawlers . The band were outstanding #tonybanks #mikerutherford #darylstuermer and Phils son @nic_collins #niccollins killed it on the drums ( like father like son). Go see them if you have a chance.…m_source=ig_web_copy_link