"It's All Greek To Me"

  • This morning while I was listening to Pathways & Promenades (Missing Links Vol. 4) I found myself trying to figure out what other song this track reminds me of. Whatever it is, it's very familiar. I can almost hear it in my head. But I just can't put my finger on it.

    There two 10-second segments in particular.

    The first is at about 40 seconds in and then it repeats at 1:40.

    (I expect to be embarrassed when it's finally identified)


  • I'd say those short bits are slightly reminiscent of Time Lapse at Milton Keynes by SH.

    I'm almost certain the tune I'm trying to think of is not an instrumental and has vocals that follow the same tempo and melody of those 10 seconds.

    That's going to bother me until I figure that out.

    But thank you for the response.

  • Maybe Genesis' 'Vancouver'? It has a synth line in the verses that is similar.

    When I posted this, I kept thinking it must be a Genesis song or something from that camp because it sounded so familiar — which is why I shared it here.

    But then this morning it occurred to me, it sounds like the melody of the chorus from "The Circle Game," one of my favourite songs by Joni Mitchell.

    "And the seasons, they go round and round
    And the painted ponies go up and down"

    I don't know how many Joni Mitchell fans we have here but probably not so many that I would have been bombarded with the answer I was seeking.

  • I am a Joni Mitchell fan and yes, I agree about The Circle Game.