PETER GABRIEL | 17 June 2023 BIRMINGHAM - Utiliata Arena (i/o: The Tour) ***SPOILER***

  • Hi,

    Could someone who was there let me know what time the show started? And is there a support act?
    I'm going to the Manchester show on Friday and am trying to make travel plans



  • Really excellent show. For me (and a i know a lot depends on acoustics, sight lines, and atmosphhere of where you are sitting etc) but this was vastly superior to the O2 show. One thing of note was the screen for Love Can Heal was behind the band... this meant Peter was at times awkwardly twisted for doing the digital painting with the wand behind him and reading the lyrics from the autocue in front of him!

    Really hope there's a recording of this gig.

    Was also tempted by merch but what with partnering with famous price gouging promoters LiveNation felt Peter was just being a bit too greedy with regards pricing. It's a interesting question how many more tickets would have been sold, and how much more merch if the prices had been lower. Too many people I know were priced out of tickets. Really hopeful there's a second UK leg as per the Still Growing Up tour, once the audience have had time to learn all the words and can sing along!!

  • Don't mention the Birmingham Concert, I had a ticket, brought it a week beforehand, cost me £130, almost front row.

    Poor old Peter, lovely chap and all that, just take everything I say at?...

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