• of course we had to include Now And Then. I even have the honour to sing it since our lead singer didn't want to. What can I say... People liked it, it is the sensational new Beatles song, etc.etc., but honestly, had it been one of their old ones from the 60s I would have said let's skip that one, there's so many other songs that are better. I like the fact they unearthed that song after so many years but that's as for as it goes, I'm not too fond of that song, really.

    It's clearly no Tomorrow Never Knows. Lennon was at the tail end of his songwriting, as Double Fantasy shows. But the release of the song now carries emotional weight, and has meaning and significance for many. While the song in itself isn't great, it's not bad and that emotional significance counts for something. And the video is very touching.

    There's an interesting and occasionally quite moving collection of fan reactions to the song in this edition of the Eggpod podcast. A couple of the stories are heartwarming. It gives a tangible sense of what The Beatles mean to so many people. I especially like the reaction from a young student who says John and George weren't alive in her lifetime, the Anthology was years before she was born, and a new Beatles song released in her lifetime is huge for her.

    I agree, it's a lukewarm song at best, but it has great meaning for many.

    Abandon all reason

  • Yes, I have to agree with this. That 22-year old fan who shows up at most of our gigs would say you nailed it. She sings along with every Beatles song we play, including Now And Then, and this time she brought her parents who had a great time as well.