• The title says it all - pick one of the two things offered which you prefer, continue with a pair of things that you would like know the preference of someone else.

    So, let's begin.

    Trespass or Nursery Cryme?

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Oh, that's tough... "Star Trek" was the first TV show I fell in love with (along the "The Prisoner" - they were on TV at roughly the same time too). But, "Star Wars" is Star Wars...

    Oh, well...you gotta go with your first love...

    Star Trek

    "Star Wars" films - the prequel trilogy or the newer stand-alone films (e.g., Rogue One and Solo)?

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Newer stand alones. Can't stand the prequels. And I'm with you on Star Trek, much as I love Star Wars.

    Samsung or Apple?

    Though I like both Star Trek & Star Wars, I much prefer Star Trek. Star Trek had such a humorous feel about the show.. ;)

    I was once was an Apple fan. Since they stopped the famous Ipod Classic and iPhone's, with their ridiculous low hard drive space, leaves me to ponder their marketing skills here. Though the Computer is still one of the best and most reliable out there. My feeling's about Apple have dropped quite a bit :(

    Not owning a Samsung, most Apple Iphone users have jumped ship to Samsung for this reason.

  • Samsung, although I don't have particularly strong feelings about it one way or the other. Many approach this question with an almost religious fervor.

    Dogs or cats?

    I prefer Dogs, so trustworthy and playful. You can take them anywhere... Have not owned a dog but I did own a Cat. Very independant creatures and territorial as well. You can leave a Cat without too much fuss!...

  • So far I'd have gone Nursery Cryme, Whisky, Scotch, Star Trek, Samsung, and then I come unstuck because I'm not an animal person. Never had pets growing up, and now can barely handle my four kids, so anything else in the house doesn't particularly appeal! We do have chickens, but that's functional for eggs, and they obviously remain very much outside!

    If I had to, I'd say cat (because they tend to leave you alone) and hamster, but I probably couldn't tell them apart if you put them side by side!

    Led Zep or The Who?

  • Tough one...Stones probably. I was hoping someone would do the usual Beatles or Stones, which would have been easier (Beatles).

    Daniel Craig or Sean Connery?

    Another tuff one. I would say Daniel Craig. Lots more action and more up to date with modern films of today.

    Sean Connery was also an excellent Bond too and played his part well from the late 60s onwards..

    For some reason the quote failed on me so replied with a new post. ;)

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