ROGER WATERS - Dark Side Of The Moon (Redux)

  • I've bought this , listened to it yesterday. Its brilliant. As usual with RW not an easy listen and this one is as hard as it gets but still brilliant. Certainly doesn't replace the original and doesn't feel like it's trying to. When listening to.cover versions of music I know really well I usually hear the original in my head but surprisingly this rarely happened here. Its much longer than the original and loads of new spoken pieces , giving a whole new slant to the theme. In Great Gig In The Sky the heavenly vocals are replaced by a tribute to a departed friend. Cheerfully the whole thing seems about an old man considering death and reflecting back at his younger self. I found the following one listen so far to be intreging and couldn't tear myself away until the whole thing finished. So the album has not be ruined whatsoever as some people have said . The original album is still there and the now two pieces stand as distinct original and linked works of art.

  • Christian

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  • Some of it for me. I really like Is This The Life We Want. Amused To Death is one of my all time favourite albums.

    I also like Amused to death

    The last one was too "unexciting". And his new project to destroy Dark side of the moon. Just why??? I heard some of the track and quickly had enough. Not for me!

    some are wise ... and some otherwise