From Genesis To Revelation

  • Around a week ago, I put the album on and the wife asked: is that Genesis? I said yes and she was impressed. She asked me to play the album again and again. And so I listened to FGTR and Archive Vol. 4 more often during the last week, than I did in decades.


    First we learned to walk on water.

    Then we tried something harder.

    - Red Seven -

  • Revisiting some things from earlier in this thread:

    Quick, without listening first: Can you name the 3 songs on FGTR that only feature the band, without any strings or horns? :)

    (Bonus tracks like "One Eyed Hound" don't count.)

    Backdrifter got one of them (The Conqueror). The others are: In The Beginning & The Serpent.

    The Magic of Time (early 1968 demos) 1/1/1968


    Hey! (13 March 1968 demo) 3/13/1968

    The Magic of Time: That can't be right, because John Silver plays on it but that date would put it before the singles with Chris Stewart.

    Hey!: Assuming it's accurate that this track was recorded between the first two singles, then Chris Stewart must be the drummer on it. I'm guessing that he wasn't credited for it on ARCHIVE 1 due to an error?

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