Genesis Archive 1967–75

  • I've been a Genesis fan since 1978 and probably love there music more than ever. Back in 1998 I purchased Genesis Archive 1967- 75 box set that came with 4 audio cds. But to my annoyance and hurt (at the time) I discovered to find that the CD disc 3 was not Disc has the official printing on it saying Genesis Archive 1967-75 disc 3 etc but when I popped it in my CD it had some strange folk music and it's clearly not Genesis. This was obviously a manufacturing error....I never did return the CD at the time and still have it wrong cd and all. I've looked on the internet to see if this was a known error but can't seem to find any posts or remarks anywhere. Do / did any members on here know off, or had the same issue....or does it make my copy unique and extremely rare? Even valuable?

    Hope some one can help or comment! :)

  • I can't help with your question, but did you ever try to find out what the "strange folk music" actually was?

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  • If you are after a correct set of GA67-75, I have one, correct discs, book not in bits, I will happily sell, I never play it. Got GA76-92 as well, also surplus to requ.


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