"Five" - Interviews with Tony Banks about his new album

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    This Thread is a collection of Interviews Tony Banks did and does in the light of his latest release, FIVE.

    Our own interview with him can be found here:





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  • Great interview!

    In response to your question about future Genesis rereleases and boxsets, he says he is not in favour because "it looks like we're trying to get more money out of the fans. I don't feel comfortable with it".

    I love Tony as a musician, but find his view on this quite frustrating.

    People will only buy the rereleases if they want to. Making them available does not mean you’re not forcing anybody to go and buy it. If they think its

    worth buying, then they’ll buy it.

  • "Perhaps we should just rerelease The Silent Sun, our first single. Perhaps it could be a hit this time around (laughs). Should've been a hit the first time, but it wasn't."

    That's the song I wished they had played on the 2007 tour! That would have been a huge surprise, and also a success I think. It's a good song and the live version could have been released as a single.