STEVE HACKETT - 40 Years of "Spectral Mornings"

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    Steve Hackett's third solo album is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this month.

    For this reason, we have put a new review online, that also includes the 2005 Remaster and the new stereo and 5.1 mixes made by Steve Wilson:…gs-album-review-s387.html




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  • I haven't listened to that record for a long time now, even the 2CD/DVD on my desk is still sealed. But in preparation for the Hackett tour, I will get this played again. Thanks for the review, quite interesting details and facts!

  • In case people haven't caught it yet - 35 min documentary about the making of the album with Steve, John and Nick Magnus here:

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  • Thanks for posting!

    It's quite obvious that Kim Poor gets completely ignored these days. I kind of understand Steve, but she was a part of his earlier albums, her cover designs were fantastic ...

    ... make tomorrow today!