Genesis members performing at each other’s weddings?

  • My first go at starting a thread so hope it’s in the right place etc.

    I seem to remember reading that members of the band performed at the more recent weddings of Gabriel and Collins (not to each other...) but I have not found any detail as to who performed and what they played. Can anyone enlighten? Thanks in advance

  • Peter Gabriel performed at Phil Collins's 50th Birthday party, this is on camcorder video.

    There is a wedding video of Phil Collins's wedding to Jill Tavelmann in August 1984, on this video Robert Plant, Eric Clapton and Mo Foster perform songs with Phil Collins.


  • And wasn't Phil Peter's best man at his last wedding? Or was it the other way around?

    Around the eighties, when they all lived in Surrey, a lot of musicians seemed to apppear together at various domestic functions. These included Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Eric Claton, Jimmy Page, Steve Winwood and Robert Plant. As wedding bands go, I don't think it gets much better than this lot!

  • Yes, just a little joke, with the emphasis on little.

    Well, humour is subjective and doesn't always come across well in this medium. Apologies for my confusion.

    Speaking of that song, when Phil was interviewed by Clive Anderson circa 1991, it was mentioned that Lady In Red had been voted most popular song to make love to, prompting Phil to comment "What do you do for the next five minutes?" "I'm a Ride Of The Valkyrie man myself," Clive replied.

    According to Tony Banks, Peter always sings In Your Eyes at such events and I think he said Phil sings In The Air Tonight. Certainly Phil's wedding to Jill sounds like it was a great day: Robert Plant got up and sang and the toilets all got backed up (not, presumably, at the same time).

  • No need to apologise but thanks anyway. Love the Clive James quip, a very funny and clever man, sadly missed. Yes, Phil was best man at Peter’s 2002 wedding. Peter’s choice of wedding song seems more appropriate than Phil’s but it must be quite something to see any of them perform in such intimate settings. It’s all gone quiet on the reunion front so it may only be in private gigs at they perform in various combinations I suppose.