We Can't Dance Tour 1992

  • I mentioned in my Hi everyone post that I had VIP tickets for Knebworth 92 and I met the band..I was asked to post the background story here 👍

    In 1992 aged 22 and a huge Genesis geek I was extremely lucky in acquiring 2x VIP tickets via my Uncle. He worked for Volkswagen (he was in a high up senior position). Volkswagen was tour sponsor and they had built a stand at Knebworth for all the VIP, sponsors etc. We were granted access 2hrs before the main gates were opened, and we could then watch the soundcheck etc😄but when we arrived the stand was placed off to the left and further back from the main stage...this didn't go down very well with me and my best friend. I was clearly showing my displeasure and having a bit of a moan (too far back.....can't see...to many people in suits....moan, moan, moan..wanna be at the front...moan,moan) We were standing by a chap with a white beard, wearing jeans, slightly podgy but a really nice man who must have been in his early 60s ..I thought he was a fan like me and my friend. We started chatting and I started the moaning 🤪 and he seemed concerned and also annoyed I felt that way. He then started asking me some strange questions about Genesis (obviously checking I was a true fan) then he said he will go and sort it..... I didn't think much more of it, we watched the soundcheck (awesome) and Lisa Stanfield ( Support act came on to the stage) This chap came back and said " Come with me"....WTF....So we followed him outside the stand and down the side going towards the stage...I thought what the hells going on? I then found out the chap I was moaning too was Tony Smith ( Genesis Manager ) 🫣 now don't forget this is early internet so I didn't know what Tony look liked... obviously I knew the band but not him. He took me behind the stage area and sat me with again with a wonderful women who was extremely nice and chatty. Again unbeknown to me this was Mike Rutherfords wife...we chatted and she then revealed Mike was actually her husband and I was clearly a massive Fan he may have time to meet me. So my best friend and I tagged along...at first we met Mike & Tony, they were amazingly friendly and Mike asked me if I played any instruments...the drums I replied....Mike laughed " Not another one "....Then Phil appeared and Mike said " This young man plays the drums "....Phil smiling away asked me what kit I play, how long, what heads....he really was interested...all my questions for him just left my head. I then met Chester and Daryl ( both amazing) and Chester said I could sit behind him just of stage and watch the opening song (Land of confusion) it was an amazing experience.

    After the first song finished and No son of mine started we were taken by a stagehand to the far side of the front of the crowd and let in by security. We pushed , and squeezed along until we got somewhat near the middle of the stage....I was in heaven.... amazing memories and even now when I meet up with my friend every few years we always smile when thinking about that Day.....😀

    Amazing story! What incredible memories for you and your friend. I’ve heard that the band members are pretty humorous in person. They bust each other’s stones, like old friends do, which of course, they are. Thank you for sharing.