Will the Tour Be Postponed?

  • Don’t know if this helps everyone on here but certainly the UK Tickemaster site is clear that refunds are available for rescheduled shows not just cancelled ones. I know because I have just checked it. I have £790 at stake for three shows in December (Leeds x 2 and Manchester) that almost certainly now will be postponed. I guess it is already known that they will be postponed but they are likely working out new dates before announcing. They need to hurry though, a lot of people have travel and hotels booked as well. I guess one difficulty might be that revised UK dates may now have to push forward US dates that weren’t yet announced but were very likely slated for Spring/Summer 2021. The other thing is just when can any gigs by any band be safely rescheduled before late spring next year anyway ? And even then..??? ‘ ‘How can you fight a foe so deadly...’

  • I am in a similar position. I’ve Got tickets for both Manchester and Leeds first shows, why they just don’t announce it and be done with it?, Steve’s announced his are now pushed back as has all the other artists I’ve booked for. In fact, I haven’t got a single concert still showing as going ahead apart

    from the Genesis shows. It’s a long wait though a year and a half !. It’s sad but no concert will be safe until a vaccine is found. They opened all the pubs here as you know and some have had to shut due to patrons having it so what chance have 20,000 arena concerts?.

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    It's simply not that easy - many companies and contracts involved and it's wise to announce something like that when all aspects are sorted out




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  • Completely agree. Another factor in my mind is the risk to the band that touring this year might pose. Perhaps not to Nic Collins, but the rest of them are (at least) in their mid to late sixties!!!!!