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    Frank Niedernhausen

    I Know What I Like

    von Frank Niederhausen

    … And I Think I’ve Found A Place To Call My Own …

    That's why I check GNC/IT at least once a day.

    Tell Me Why?

    … All That Time I Was Searching …

    Here is where I
    - can be myself, a Genesis fan,
    - meet many other music freaks
    - find all the news about Genesis and other challenging music,
    - can have my say about many topics (even non-musical ones) and have a relaxed discussion with like-minded people
    - find someone online at almost any time
    - can win exquisite collectors' items in competitions (with a much higher probability than in the lottery)
    - can live out my true talents and finally find them appreciated (Quiz Mastermind 2010!)
    - chill in the evening after hard hours in the Land Of Confusion,
    - have an online university course in Genesisology
    - can have a good laugh!

    … Anyway …

    Since you are doing so many crazy things, I have had the opportunity to

    - participate in great live events and fan-meeting all about Genesis and

    - torture Roger King and the Hackett brothers with my school English.

    … We're All Your Friends If You Come On Down And Talk To Us …

    I have met a couple of really special people here in person, but also in phone calls and e-mails and made some real friendships.
    Apart from that I have not only received much help digging up, looking for and finding music, but also the odd audiophile suprise parcel!

    … I Know What I Like …

    To cut long story short, GNC/IT is a fanclub I would not want to miss!
    My respect to the people who keep this website running and spend a lot of time, energy and nerves doing so – THANK YOU!

    ... That’s All ... because ... Supper’s Ready ...

    It’s 5-4 on William Wright! :-)

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    Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD)

    Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD) Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD) kaufen bei
    Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD) Verse kaufen bei
    Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD) Verse kaufen bei

    Some say it is one of the best Live-Albums ever. Genesis' Seconds Out became a milestone and also marked the end of the classic years.

    Mike Rutherford - The Living Years

    Mike Rutherford - The Living Years Mike Rutherford - The Living Years kaufen bei
    Mike Rutherford - The Living Years Verse kaufen bei

    New biography written by Mike himself about his career and his relation to his father.

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