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Reports, reviews, concerts, interviews and further information about Genesis-related musicians like Daryl Stuermer, Chester Thompson, Paul Carrack, Tony Levin, David Rhodes, Nick Magnus or Simon Collins.

The Musical BoxThe Musical Box

The Band was formed in 1993, and ever since they leave enthusiastic audiences wherever they perform their perfect reproductions of early Genesis shows.
The Musical BoxThe Musical Box

Paul CarrackBrand X

One of the most interesting side-projects of any Genesis member appears to be Brand X. With or without Phil Collins, the band has produced quite challenging music to this day
Brand XBrand X

Paul CarrackPaul Carrack

They say he has a voice, but no name. Paul Carrack is a man of many talents. He ist far more than just one voice within Mike + The Mechanics.
Paul CarrackPaul Carrack

Simon CollinsSimon Collins

Phil Collins' son Simon is a drummer himself and started a solo career a decade ago. His first album was released in 1999, since then he has recorded three records and got in touch with the world or Genesis frequently.
Paul CarrackSimon Collins

Coverbands & TributesCoverbands and Tributes

A band like Genesis has not only many fans, but also passionate performers, trying to recapture the spirit of Genesis live-performances - or trying to reinterpret their favorite tunes in their own way.
Coverbands & TributesCoverbands and Tributes

Peter CrossPeter Cross

Some of you may have wondered who is the guy behind these fairy tale album covers of Anthony Phillips' solo albums. This is the guy: Find all about Peter Cross here.
Coverbands & TributesPeter Cross

Irvin DuguidIrvin Duguid

In 1994, Irvin Duguid played in a band called Stiltskin. A decade later he worked with ray Wilson again for a couple of years.
Paul CarrackIrvin Duguid


Peter Gabriel's faible for new ideas resulted in a number of remixes after the UP-Album was released. The swiss duo Engelspost have produced quite a number of remixes.
Paul CarrackEngelspost

Ali FergusonAli Ferguson

One of the key members in Ray Wilson's live band is guitarist Ali Ferguson, who has released a couple of albums on his own, which pleased a lot of fans. Find reviews and interviews with Ali here.
Ali FergusonAli Ferguson

Armando GalloArmando Gallo

Journalist and author Armando Gallo ist also well known for his legendary photography and is heavily involved in the band's history. His band-biography is some kind of fan-bible, and his photos of the band have cult-status. In 2006, he was one of the special guests at the german fan convention.
Paul CarrackArmando Gallo

John HackettJohn Hackett

Steve Hackett's brother John Hackett plays on quite a number of Steve's albums, but he has also compiled a large number of own projects and albums.
Paul CarrackJohn Hackett

Amanda LehmannAmanda Lehmann

In many of Steve Hackett's projects the name Amanda Lehmann appears. She was part of his live band for a while, can be heard on his studio albums and also makes her own music, so this is where you find more info about that.
Tony LEvinAmanda Lehmann

Tony LevinTony Levin

Tony Levin is a legand as amusician, not only because he plays Bass in Peter Gabriel's Live-Band and on Gabriel's albums since the late seventies. Tony Levin has also released solo-albums and even covered a Genesis-Song.
Tony LEvinTony Levin

Richard MacphailRichard Macphail

Before Genesis conquered the world, old schoolfriend Richard Macphail laid the basis as roadie and manager of the band. In 2005, he was the special guest at the Early Years Event, the fan convention of the German Genesis Fanclub.
Paul CarrackRichard Macphail

Nick MagnusNick Magnus

Nick magnus is one of couple of musicians who is heavily connected with the early work of Steve Hackett. The keyboarder played on a number of albums and was a member of Steve's Live-band for some time. In 2009, he joined the special guest list for the Steve Hackett Event in Germany.
Paul CarrackNick Magnus

The Mute GodsThe Mute Gods

Nick Beggs, Marco Minnemann and Roger King are The Mute Gods, a band that has released an album trilogy. The band is some kind of solo project of Nick Beggs'. For us, it is a more interesting side project in the Hackett-camp!
The Mute GodsThe Mute Gods

Dale NewmanDale Newman

Dale Newman has been with the band for ages. He started as Mike Rutherford's Roadie, later he became the facility manager of The Farm, the Genesis-Studio. Dale records music himself and in 2008, he was the special guest at the German Fanclub concention.
Paul CarrackDale Newman

David RhodesDavid Rhodes

Besides Tony Levin, also David Rhodes belongs to the standards in Peter Gabriel's solocarer. But gitarrist David Rhodes has always had a number of own projects running and has now finally released his first solo-album.
Paul CarrackDavid Rhodes

Andrew RoachfordAndrew Roachford

He had a career, long before he joined Mike + The Mechanics in 2010. But it's that event which triggered our interest in Andrew Roachford's solo output. Find all Andrew Roachford stuff here.
Coverbands & TributesAndrew Roachford

Chris StewartChris Stewart

It's been a long long time, since Chris Stewart played drums with Genesis. Today, Stewart is a successful book-author.
Chris StewartChris Stewart

Daryl StuermerDaryl Stuermer

Genesis and Phil Collins live - since 1978 it is strongly connected with Daryl Stuermer. The man who remembers every note and can play extremely fast also plays on Collins' soloalbums as well as on Tony's soloalbums - and he has released soloalbums himself.
Daryl StuermerDaryl Stuermer

Nad SylvanNad Sylvan

It took Nad Sylvan many years to decide being a full time musician. For Genesis fans, he is the voice of the Steve Hackett live band since 2013. But Nad has also recorded an released several solo albums and was involved in different projects.
Nad SylvanNad Sylvan

Cheser ThompsonChester Thompson

The decision to replace Bill Bruford with Chester Thompson as a live drummer for Genesis was not very popular at the time. Today, Chester Thompson's role in Genesis history can hardly be overseen. He has been playing with Genesis since 1977, and added solotours of Phil Collins to his agenda, too. Furthermore, he also worked with Steve Hackett.
Paul CarrackChester Thompson

Nir ZidkyahuNir Zidkyahu

It was a restart, that was never properly undertaken. Nir Z. became the 1997/1998 drummer during the Calling All Stations-project. Since then, the israeli drummer is living in New York and still works with Ray Wilson.
Paul CarrackNir Zidkyahu

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Ray Wilson - Live And Acoustic (CD)

Ray Wilson - Live And Acoustic (CD) Ray Wilson - Live And Acoustic (CD) kaufen bei
Ray Wilson - Live And Acoustic (CD) Verse kaufen bei

Live-Unplugged-Album from 2001 with lots of Genesis-Songs and Rock-Classics.

Genesis - Turn It On Again: The Hits

Genesis - Turn It On Again: The Hits Genesis - Turn It On Again: The Hits Verse kaufen bei

Turn It On Again - The Hits brings all "short" milestones onto one double-album.

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