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The Ant Band - A Light On The Hill

The Ant Band - A Light On The Hill

Celebrating Anthony Phillips' 70th Birthday

14 Anthony Phillips classics, reworked by 14 musicians from all over Germany in a virtual alliance called The Ant Band, plus special guest Steve Hackett.
Their album A Light on the Hill is not only a tribute to Anthony Phillips' complete musical oeuvre, but also a gift for his 70th birthday on 23 December 2021.
Half of The ANT BAND consists of musicians who had already met at the Anthony Phillips Event 2014, hosted by the German Genesis Fanclub. There they performed music by Anthony Phillips in various constellations - before the eyes and ears of the composer, who commented on each performance afterwards with his dry humour.
In February 2021, Tom Morgenstern, who was playing guitar in two different formations at the time, had started a call for this project in the "Homerecording" thread of the German Fanclub website-forum, which was intended to build on the success and great atmosphere of the fan club event. The response was astonishing, because in addition to the established forces, many musicians who could not be present at the event at the time, but who were now also on fire, came forward. In the end, Steve Hackett contributed a guitar solo and Anthony's archivist Jonathan Dann wrote the liner notes.
With this website special, we want to give you an understanding of the background and details of this project.

A Light On The Hill - order optionsThe Ant Band - A Light On The Hill - info & purchase options

The basic details about the project and especially the release of the album can be found here. We also give you details about how to order the CD. We also have a special birthday greeting from Peter Gabriel.
The Musical BoxInfo & purchase options

A Light On The Hill - Track By Track

A Light On The Hill - track by track

What is the idea behind the track selection onthe album A Light On The Hill by The Ant Band? Why were they chosen? Which instruments and musicians were used? Find out the background here..
Track By Track

Album review: A Light On The Hill

A Light On The Hill - album review

The idea of an Anthony Phillips tribute album is not a new one, yet The Ant Band's album A Light On The Hill is exceptional in many ways. Thomas Jesse has taken a closer look at the work.
album review


A Light On The Hill: Interview with Tom Morgenstern (2021)

With A Light On The Hill, The Ant Band has released an interesting tribute-album. We talked to Tom Morgenstern, who started off this project a while ago, about the beginnings and how project was finalized in 2021..

The Ant Band: The Slow Dance ProjectThe Ant Band: The Slow Dance Project

Four middle-aged gentlemen start a joint project in October 2013: they want to rehearse an instrumental piece for a single performance at the Anthony Phillips Event within less than six months. Read all about the beginnings of The Ant Band here.
Coverbands & TributesThe Slow Dance Project

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