Seconds Out on vinyl

  • A friend of mine is a vinyl addict and an audiophile, plus he wants to get to know more of the Genesis back catalogue since I introduced him to Selling England. So I thought I might give him Seconds Out on vinyl for Christmas.

    Now I'm wondering: Which release would you recommend? I see there's this Abbey Road half-speed master issue thing, well at least one guy in the jpc reviews complains about clicks all over Supper's Ready that ruin it for him... Any experiences? What about other vinyl releases, what do you all know?

  • Record pressings nowadays are a very hit and miss affair I’ve found, I’ve read good things about the Seconds Out but didn’t buy it due to having it four times already and I always thought that was good enough for me. If you can get any of the original Uk pressings that’s a good place to start. If you can afford the Japan pressings then that is also an Avenue i’d consider if I could afford it !!

  • I have the Abbey Road pressing and really enjoy it. The sound is excellent and I haven’t had any issues with clicks etc

    Hope that helps. There was a thread about it on this forum when it came out that might be worth looking at