Genesis at Christmas

  • This may sound daft to a lot of people, but I strongly associate Christmas with Genesis, and vice versa. I listen to even more Genesis than usual at this time of year.

    "Why", I hear that person at the back ask?

    Because my first Genesis gig was December 23rd 1981, at the NEC. I wasn't a massive fan at the time, but I fancied it, after getting into Foxtrot.

    I thought I'd better do some revision so I listened to whatever Genesis I had at the time, which was basically just Foxtrot :D

    I also bought Abacab and The Lamb (on the same day) and listened to them constantly in December. They're both now effectively Christmas albums to me...8o:D

    Anyone else find Genesis festive at this time of year? Was anyone else at the NEC? Do you remember the balloons and Christmas hats we all got?

  • Went the day before, (a few days after ELO). Freezing cold, snowing, heavy security, full pat down (only happened twice in 40 years, the other being Robert Plant). Shedloads (literally garden sheds) of camera's and tape recorders were confiscated as a result - never seen that since.

    I remember seeing people with hats, don't think I got one, and the balloons being released from the ceiling (don't think I got one either) - they are both shown during the turn it on again video. There was definitely a Xmas vibe going on.

    Still got the tshirt, for some reason it doesn't fit now.

    Got a good seat through the fan club, can still smell the smoke (theatrical), and remember Phil's humour, trumpet playing and mannerisms (licking his finger for the horns etc).

    Saw Tony on Tiswas talking about Varilites, so knew something special was going to happen. Before the show they were whirring away when the house lights were up .. I thought they weren't that impressive, then the show started and three? songs in, Dodo kicked in. With a bit of darkness and a ton of smoke, they suddenly became very impressive indeed.

    Walked out slightly deaf, and rather happy, brilliant gig.

    I notice from your list we also went to some of the same gigs later on ie Roundhay, manchester and possibly nec 84 (depending on date).

    The deeside 3sl 8mm video and 84 NEC los endos/old medley from the sound desk videos are on youtube, they give a good idea what it was like from the audience perspective in those days, for anyone who didn't get a chance to see them.

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  • I was at the NEC too. Can't remember the date. It was snowing. Lots of transport problems and quite a few didn't make it. It was my first Genesis gig and quite magical but I'm afraid I don't remember too many details of many gigs I have been too just have general impressions. I do remember Phil talking about the weather and about the number of people that failed to get there. He called us lucky bastards.