Genesis at Christmas

  • This may sound daft to a lot of people, but I strongly associate Christmas with Genesis, and vice versa. I listen to even more Genesis than usual at this time of year.

    "Why", I hear that person at the back ask?

    Because my first Genesis gig was December 23rd 1981, at the NEC. I wasn't a massive fan at the time, but I fancied it, after getting into Foxtrot.

    I thought I'd better do some revision so I listened to whatever Genesis I had at the time, which was basically just Foxtrot :D

    I also bought Abacab and The Lamb (on the same day) and listened to them constantly in December. They're both now effectively Christmas albums to me...8o:D

    Anyone else find Genesis festive at this time of year? Was anyone else at the NEC? Do you remember the balloons and Christmas hats we all got?

  • I was at the NEC too. Can't remember the date. It was snowing. Lots of transport problems and quite a few didn't make it. It was my first Genesis gig and quite magical but I'm afraid I don't remember too many details of many gigs I have been too just have general impressions. I do remember Phil talking about the weather and about the number of people that failed to get there. He called us lucky bastards.