RANDOM HOLD (David Rhodes) - The Complete View (1976-1984 and beyond)

  • We are happy to present another website special, this time reflecting a band that is connected to David Rhodes (long time guitarist with Peter Gabriel)

    But RANDOM HOLD also had a connection to Peter Gabriel and the Genesis management, so you may be interested to read the full story here


    And, by the way, they also made VERY interesting music.

  • I look forward to reading this in detail. Coincidentally, I came across a Marquee Club advert for the band in 1981 just last week, which I'd never seen before.

    Phil Morris

  • I have the following 2 cd album but have not played it for a while must give it a listen sometime this week

    “Without music, life would be a mistake”

  • Now that’s a detailed work! Thanks for this.

    I didn’t know much about them and certainly not that they were a little part of PF history.

    Looks like I have to dig in ...


  • Enjoying the feature and am currently half way through. Just a couple of observations so far:

    1) I'm not sure why the assumption has been made that the What Happened single was not commercially released. It was not uncommon for UK singles not to come in picture sleeves. Just look at Genesis up to and including Turn It On Again.

    2) PG3 was released at the end of May.

    Phil Morris

  • thanks Phil

    We also received a feedback from the band and will adjust two or three things