MrsFarmer has a new favourite singer................

  • ..........And it's Phil. And it's the shows that moved her. Really didn't know where to put this if at all but I thought some of you might be interested to hear from a perspective that not many have had. Mrs F liked Phil and Genesis prior to us getting together but knew nothing other than the hits. Round about the time we got together CAS came out. I liked it but MrsF loved it and RW is just the sort of singer she likes. Her first Genesis show was CAS and we saw Ray in 2006. So , Ray always has been her No.1 Genesis singer. Even 2007 didn't budge her. ( Though has become a confirmed all eras fan for many years. Not a lot of option living with me.).Not many have gotten into Genesis in this (wrong) order. Getting up to date there has been a lot a talk about Phil's singing , and of course, much analysis. We were however drawn to the whole personality and emotion of the shows. A few days after the last show Mrs F suddenly said she now feels Phil is her favourite singer after feeling absolutely exhilarated by the two shows we saw Despite discussion on the Phil's actual voice the manner of the delivery accounts for a great deal and that is not easy to quantify. I think CAS remains her

    favourite album though.!!

  • Well done Mrs. Farmer!!

    Did she see the 2021 shows then?

    I really love Phil's tone on the new laidback 'Lamb'.

    Also love the way he does low tone Duchess.

    It is not all bad.

    As someone who hung around watching Fish shows in 2007ish when he had barely a whisper. Phil has 100% emotion.

    I LOVE CAS too!!

    Did you know CAS is no longer on Spotify.


    CAS is better than anything after 1980.

  • Yes ,Birmingham and Manchester. We loved the shows . For me CAS doesn't rate quite as highly as the rest but still an enjoyable and regular listen . If not the best Genesis album it's still a pearl in the world of music Really liked The Lamb. Part of the whole point of a live show is to do some stuff differently. And, Duchess was a highlight.Dont do Spotify. I wonder why it's not there ?

  • Have to say, I'm a fan of Phil's. Love his humour and wit!..... I have not been to any concerts living in Canada, but seeing videos on YouTube, I can see Phil's an artist in a lot of pain, specially not performing!!!!

    Unless Hackett or Gabriel come aboard, this is the end!..:(

  • Always loved Phil the best. Yes - it's different now, but there is more emotion and knowing what he's going through now - more at stake in his singing.

    And for the record, I love CAS.

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