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    There's an 80s music podcast, 80sography, that seems very Genesis/Phil Collins friendly.

    It has a great 4-part interview with Hugh Padgham where he talks at length about working on the 80s albums from Face Value/Abacab to But Seriously..as well as his other work with The Police, Bowie, McCartney, etc.

    The latest is an interview with video director, Jim Yukich where he talks about working with both (as well as briefly working with Peter Gabriel). There's also three great audio commentaries to sync up with for Easy Lover, Don't Lose My Number and Take Me Home.

    Definitely worth checking out as a fan!

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  • I really enjoyed the interviews with Hugh Padgham. He really added some insight to the recording process that Genesis undertook. As far as the Jim Yukich interview, he sounded too much like a fan and tended to ramble a lot. Thanks for letting us know about the interviews!