Food and Drink

  • That Forbes wild food website looks real neat. I do wish they listed ingredients to check for dietary compatibility though. Like on the jellies and jams which I know sometimes use other fruit juice which I can't have.

    I've been really enjoying this item you can do a number of things with it I've had it with a little bit of sweetener and milk lately:

    Soluble Sakura Leaf Powder for Sakura Latte, Pastries and More Japan's Best to You
    Use this powder to flavor drinks, pastries, chocolate, frozen yoghurt, ice cream and more. It has a beautiful sakura flavor and quickly dissolves in water,…

    Japanese cherry blossom tree the leaves actually have strong flavor and are edible.

  • I made smoky butterbeans using smoked sundried tomatoes, smoked garlic and smoked paprika all cooked in passata with onion, bayleaf, agave, mustard and balsamic vinegar. They were luscious.

    Abandon all reason