i/o The Tour programme

  • You may have noticed that a proper tour programme wasn't available until Birmingham. There is no official explanation why it came that late bit obviously it wasn't available earlier.

    The programme has 100 pages (!) and costs 25€ (20 Pounds.

    I have asked RealWorld and they said they will have them in the online store in the upcoming weeks.




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  • It took several attempts to get my order in. The site kept claiming they had zero availability for the item in question, but after trying time and again, it did go through eventually.

    So keep on trying if it doesn't go through immediately!

  • I managed to get a copy via a friend of mine who attended the London show. What a fabulous programme that is! A hundred pages full of details about the band, the art, the projects, the production. What more can you ask for? :love:

  • I finally got mine as well. That is really worth the money. Full of details, a lot of pages and background info. A shame it wasn't available earlier.