TotW 04/29/2024 - 05/05/2024: GENESIS - Time Table

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    Underrated song that doesn't try to be something it's not, nicely capturing the reality of entropy. Better then most of the rest of the album bar the 2 obvious. 11.

    I agree, definitely an underrated song. However that being said, out of the six tracks on the album, it still sits at number six for me. And I really like it, which shows the strength of the album. If I had to rank the songs on Foxtrot I would go:

    1. Suppers Ready (no contest)

    2. Get ‘em out by Friday ( I love when Pete sings angry)

    3. Watcher of the Skies (Love it a bunch, but haven’t grown to adore it the way some fans have)

    4. Horizons (beautiful, wish I had used it on my wedding day as an interlude somewhere)

    5. Can Utility (strong)

    6. Time Table

    I might actually, to be honest, flip Horizons and Watcher, but I know I would probably be tarred and feathered here if I made such a bold claim (joking mostly everyone here is pretty cool with diverse opinions).

  • That's my understanding too. The style is very TB.

    I do like the point by Micklemus that it contrasts starkly with the jagged futurescape of Watcher. It illustrates one of the things I love about them, the variation in their work.

    The first side of Foxtrot alternates the futuristic Watcher of the Skies and Get 'Em Out By Friday with the almost medieval topics of Time Table and Can-Utility and the Coastliners

  • I like this one a lot. I can't say why exactly. I think it's something to do with the calm after the storm - going from that intense, frantic end section of Watcher, into something so much calmer. Lovely piano opening.

    Ok, the lyrics are a bit nothingy, but that never stopped anyone. I like the vocals a lot, and the chord changes.

    I prefer WOTS, SR and CU but, for me, it's a long way ahead of Get Em Out, which I've never liked all that much.