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    Turn It On Again: A Genesis Forum used to be a Board hosted by conforums. Since conforums no longer exists, the forum is now hosted by and is a part of the Genesis Fansite Genesis News Com.

    The admin from the old forum, Krissy, is also Admin in this forum.

    For technical reasons, it was impossible to save and import the data from the old forum into this new forum. For the same reasons, you need to re-register here.

    We are aware of many Facebook Groups out there, yet we do believe that a proper forum makes things more worthwhile, since threads don't disappear after a few days.

    Membership is absolutely free.

    We hope you enjoy our new forum.




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  • It is a great pleasure to be joining up with Genesis-News.com to preserve the Turn it on Again Genesis forum. The forum was established in 2006 when the official forum was in the process of being rebuilt on a new server to promote Genesis' Turn it on Again-The Tour. While the forum was shut down, I setup the TIOA forum using the host Conforums to preserve the original look and feel of the Official Genesis forum when it was in its Talking Shop incarnation. The name of the forum was both a tribute to the concert name as well as a humorous twist to Genesis fans wanting to turn on the forum again. The old forum will be archived. The exact location the archive will go is to be determined.

    We have preserved a good majority of the original forum layout, though we have made some changes to the names and organization. With more advanced technology and user interface, there are more capabilities here. Subforums are added with collapsible panels for easier navigation. You may also add your own attachments to your posts. :) Welcome to 2018 style bulletin boards!

    The rules of the forum remain the same, though worded even more concisely by our co-admin Christian. I hope everyone enjoys their new home!

  • The site looks fabulous, Krissy! 8)

    Thanks for taking the bull by it's horns and accomplishing something that has made a lot of Genesis fans, and music fans in general, very happy ^^

    I have to agree with that comment. I view it as a new lease of life and think we will all be very happy here.

    Krissy - you are wonderful <3

    “Without music, life would be a mistake”

  • "It don't really matter much where you are,
    Cos home is inside your heart
    It's a feeling that you wake with one day..."
    - Phil Collins

    I'm very happy to be continuing forward here. It's a new home. I think having a newer interface is way overdue for us. It truly is a labor of love to bring everyone together. :)