Conforums Closing Today, New Home Here

  • Kind of bittersweet watching that timer going on the old forum website, knowing that the doors will be closing there. Spent over 10 years there and the posts and memories created on that forum. But for what it's worth, I am grateful for the generosity of Christian and the staff at for providing a new home for us. I feel being in a new home will help refresh the forum, and it is an honor to be working with one of the most renowned and respected Genesis fan pages around. I'm afraid that my times on the old forum were becoming more remiss as I was finding newer forms of social media to be more engaging and having more regular interaction with my old friends from the official forum on there. I do intend to keep the same relaxed and friendly atmosphere on here as there was on the one on Conforums. I couldn't thank Christian any more for offering a new home for us. :) I look forward to being here and continuing to serve the Genesis community.


  • I share your feelings to some extend, but I must confess, that I already feel quite at home on here. The new forum format offers a lot more options to communicate and it all displays really well. I hope, that the usual suspects from the old forum will all show up here plus plenty of newbies.

    A heartfelt thanks to you, Krissy, for all you did for us over the years. And also a big thanks to Christian and everybody else involved for this wonderful new place.

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  • Funny enough, the old forum is still working though the countdown is down. But I guess it won't last for too long. When forums get old, they always grow into something like that basement or that attic that is filled with boxes of old stuff, when you dig into it you find so many things that you never need anymore and still they are all nostalgic memories.

  • Just as TIOA was about to close, I took some screengrabs of its last moment.

    I'm gonna miss it, but I'll always cherish the memories of the discussions we had on the old forum.

    And hopefully we'll make many more here on the new one! :)

  • It's good to see a lot of activity here!.... Hopefully we can get those that disappeared to come back.. There's a lot to like on this forum!........ :)

  • Just checked the old site and it is gone!!! It brought me so much pleasure over the years. Good to see so many of the old crew here

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