NICK MAGNUS - new album Catharsis out soon

  • Owing to manufacturing issues, the release date has been pushed back to Oct. 14th, though if it does get produced more quickly than now expected, that may move forward again.

    CDS Dundee are responsible for all copies sold via themselves OR Nick's own site. Owing to issues with Paypal, the box to request signed copies did not appear, so Nick has asked those who ordered via him to email a "signed copy" request to him. See his website for details.


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  • More delays, sadly:

    "Dear customer

    We feel it's essential to keep you up to date concerning the shipment of the 'Catharsis' album.

    There has been a further shipping delay.

    This ongoing situation is due entirely to the manufacturer again having failed to meet their quoted delivery date, a situation which we at CDS and Nick have made very clear to them is totally unacceptable.

    All our efforts are therefore focussed on a swift resolution.

    At this stage we cannot give a precise date - but rest assured the albums will arrive, and when they do all hands will be on deck to get them shipped-out to everyone who has pre-ordered their copy of this Limited Edition 2-Disc Media-Book.

    We can only offer our sincere apologies for the delay, but this situation is entirely out of our hands.

    Thank you for your continued trust and patience.

    Best wishes from Nick and the CDS team."


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  • Forgive me my ignorance but I never heard of Nick Magnuns.

    Having listened to the trailer of the forthcoming album it's certainly a must have.

    Will get it!

  • He was the keyboard player for Steve Hackett from 1797 to around 1988. Also played with China Crisis and on James Warren's (Korgis/Stackridge) superb solo album Burning Questions.


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  • No problem, he is relatively unknown, but some of his albums are superb. Children of Another God is a brilliant concept album, there are videos on youtube from it, and Hexameron is very very good too, and should still be available. Inhaling Green is also excellent but long deleted, and virtually impossible to get.


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  • indeed.

    He came to the Steve Hackett Event back in 2009 in Germany and played with John Hackett. ice guy and a great musician.

    We've got a couple of interviews and reviews online here

  • Currently playing Nick Magnus - Catharsis, arrived yesterday. Liking it so far, a tip for those who get the DVD/CD set: Play the DVD first! I did by chance, and it explains the background to the songs, so you'll get more from your first listen.


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  • Thank you!

    Can you tell a bit more about music? Style, melodies etc.

    It's not my world, but I may get this as well

    ... make tomorrow today!