Your favorite tracks on ... "Duke"

  • The way they blended "Behind the Lines," "Duchess" and "Guide Vocal" together in a sort of unofficial or unintended "suite" is what really carries this album. The quiet buildup at the beginning of "Duchess," revolving around the Yamaha CP-70 piano and Roland CompuRhythm drum machine is what really won me over on this album.

  • My avatar tells me it's the 44th release anniversary today ;)

    Time to give one of my favorite albums a spin.

    Favorite tracks at the moment: "Duchess", "Heathaze" and "Duke's travels"

  • I love this whole album, but went with BTL, Duchess, and Duke's Travels. Big props to Man of Our Times, Turn It On Again, and Cul-de-Sac, a song that took a long time to grow on me, but worth the investment!

  • After I got into Genesis with We Can't Dance as a ten year old, when I went down the rabbit hole and discovered the rest of their discography, Duke was easily one of my first favorite albums of theirs. I still think it's one of their best. The mixture of new and old, the ambition of the Duke suite, the band near or at their peak confidence and ability wise. It's just fantastic. If I were playing the "rank the albums" game it would probably be just nudged out of my top 3 by Abacab, for being a bit wilder and freer but it's all a little arbitrary. It's a top tier album. Given it's anniversary, I might just put it on and turn it up loud this weekend for a little rediscovery 😃