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  • Hi all,

    In total, there have been 10 US #1 singles from the Genesis camp: 7 by Phil and one each by Genesis, Peter, and Mike. I was wondering how everyone would rank these songs?


    Phil Collins

    Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)


    One More Might

    Separate Lives (with Marilyn Martin)

    Two Hearts

    A Groovy Kind Of Love

    Another Day In Paradise


    Invisible Touch

    Peter Gabriel


    Mike + the Mechanics

    The Living Years

    My ranking:


    Against All Odds

    Invisible Touch

    Another Day

    Separate Lives

    One More Night

    Two Hearts

    Living Years


    Groovy Kind

  • 01. Sledgehammer

    02. The Living Years

    03. Another Day In Paradise

    04. Invisible Touch

    05. Against All Odds

    06. Sussudio

    07. Two Hearts

    08. Groovy Kind Of Love

    09. Seperate Lives

    10. One More Night

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  • Hmmm...ok, I'll give this a go too...

    1. Sledgehammer

    2. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

    3. Two Hearts

    4. A Groovy Kind Of Love (yes, I'm surprised that I like two of Phil's "Buster" soundtrack songs this much too)

    5. The Living Years

    6. Invisible Touch

    7. Another Day In Paradise

    8. Sussudio

    9. One More Night

    10. Separate Lives

    A couple of notes - these are roughly in order of how much enjoyment I get from listening to them (although after #1, the enjoyment drops precipitously - I'm not generally a fan of chart-toppers...)

    "The Living Years" and "Another Day In Paradise" are, from a detached and more objective point of view, better songs than many I put ahead of them. However, I also personally find them a bit depressing; thus the lower placement.

    Yes, give me album tracks over any of these any day that ends in "y". ;)

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Let's have a go

    01. Sledgehammer

    02. Sussudio

    03. The Living Years

    04. Invisible Touch

    05. Another Day In Paradise

    06. Against All Odds

    07. One More Night

    08. Separate Lives

    09. Two Hearts

    10. Groovy Kind Of Love

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  • Interesting!

    1. Sledgehammer

    2. A Groovy Kind Of Love (I adore the song).

    3. The Living Years

    4. One More Night

    5. Another Day In Paradise

    6. Invisible Touch

    7. Sussudio

    8. Against All Odds

    9. Two Hearts

    10. Separate Lives

    I really don't like the last two, and I have to be in the right mood for Against All Odds.

    • Official Post

    pretty much my list, but I would say "Two Hearts" is #4 and "Invisible Touch" #7




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  • Interesting idea.

    1. Sledgehammer

    2. Invisible Touch

    3. Against All Odds

    4. The Living Years

    5. Sussudio

    6. Another Day In Paradise

    7. Two Hearts

    8. One More Night

    9. Seperate Lives

    10. A Groovy Kind Of Love


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