The Genesis Trivia Quiz

  • Can I just say that I am really enjoying the Genesis trivia quiz.

    I have been monitoring it for a while.

    Sadly I haven't got an answer to this brilliant question although countless live renditions of Ripples and Don't care anymore are rattling around my head.

  • *Gulp* alright so my turn for a question... Here it goes. What unusual thing do Ripples and I Don't Care Anymore have in common from a live performance perspective?

    I've got an idea, might be wrong of course but in case it's right I'm hanging back so as not to keep barging in. But I'll pm you.

    Abandon all reason

  • Why weird?

    Maybe I worded it wrong. They were so popular and prolific, that I find it a little strange that they didn't have a number one album in the states or a number one single in the uk. Particularly the latter, with several albums in a row hitting the top, plus Phil's massive popularity in the 80s and the large tours they did.

    Also: excellent question currently going that I couldn't start to guess at. Look forward to the answer!

  • Ok, looks like it might be time for a hint: If you watch the available old performances of these songs live, you will see what they have uniquely in common.

    ok, my first thought was, they both were revived live for the (so far) last tours of Phil's and Genesis ...

    but obviously you've got something else on your mind ....

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • I’ve read something somewhere about bass pedals being played by hand on I don’t care anymore but don’t think that applies to Ripples? Maybe playing a bass and bass pedals at the same time but that wouldn’t be unique? After that I’m stumped!

  • After a bit of research it seems Phil might play bass pedals as a keyboard on early live versions of Ripples so that might be it?

    You got it! Bass pedals were played by hand on both songs. Phil played them on Ripples live on the Duke tour and Mo Foster on I Don't Care Anymore on the 82-83 tour live. Your turn!

  • Thanks! That was a great question. I messed up a bit on my first go so I’ll try and phrase this in a way that can be flexible if my answer is wrong!

    Name all those who have drummed on record or on stage with Genesis.

    Hints- it’s a lot more than I first thought. I’m classing Chris Stewart as the first and not counting Nic Collins because he’s not started yet apart from rehearsals. Good luck.

  • Name all those who have drummed on record or on stage with Genesis.

    Peter Gabriel*, Chris Stewart, John Silver, John Mayhew, Phil Collins, Bill Bruford, Chester Thompson, Mike Rutherford**, Nick D'Virgilio, Nir Zidkyahu?

    * Patricia

    ** Who Dunnit? (live)

    The Seat Bunny!

  • Decomposing Man should be next up. He had 10 out of twelve, two of which, I would never have known.

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    Then we tried something harder.

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