Champion's League final

  • Well... Chelsea are the champions. I'm delighted. Yes I find the wealth and oligarch owner and super league stuff awful but your team is your team.

    Also: the way city played typifies everything about why I dislike Giardiola's style. Tippy tappy tippy tappy, no balls and no penetration. Kante was out of this world. When he cleanly dispossessed DeBruyne and left him flat on the ground was beautiful.

    Feel bad for Lampard.

    Edit: 20 minutes in, my 8 year old daughter who knows (or I thought knew) next to nothing about soccer announced, verbatim, "the light blue team is better at keeping the ball but the dark blue team is making better chances to score". I think Sky or CBS could hire her!

  • As a Liverpool fan, I am very happy for Chelsea. Also very happy that Brentford (Phil's local team) are now in the Premier League.

    Very gracious, thanks. I think most neutrals would agree the result on the night was fair. By all accounts, Brentford's ascent is extremely well deserved and they will be very welcomed

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    Interesting side note: A German coach has won the CL - for the third time in a row




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  • The result pissed me off as I've hated Chelsea since I was at school. I grew up in SW London and there were CFC fans everywhere. At school all the thuggish slack-jawed bullies in the lower sets were CFC fans and it coloured my view of the club for life.

    Am I being unfair to CFC fans generally, tarring them all with the same brush? Yes. (And there were nice blokes, including friends, who supported Chelsea). And I'm not really tarring them all with the same brush but this is football and animosities formed in school days are deep-rooted! And you've got to have at least one 'hate' team. I hoped that having won the PL with room to spare City could've squeezed out one further win.

    Abandon all reason

  • And you've got to have at least one 'hate' team.

    Yes, quite - and Chelsea are that team for a lot of people. I can't claim a great legitimate reason for being a fan, other than for me as a kid in school in the 90s, Man U were the team that filled the role Chelsea did for you. All the awful jocks at school slavishly obsessed with them. So they are my hate team. Chelsea caught my eye because blue is definitely not red, and I liked Zola. I was most obsessed during Jose's golden first spell (what a team).

    While I don't hate them, I could never love Newcastle for having Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer on the pitch together 🤢. And Millwall... Rightly or wrongly I find synonymous with violence.