Rules during the GENESIS UK & US/Canada tours (posting setlists and show reports)

  • Dear all

    since some of us try to avoid info about setlists and show details before actually seeing the show themselves, please follow these rules.

    Do not post info about the setlist performed and details of the show (especially photos) in standard tour threads

    With one exception: We will create individual threads for the cities / shows and mark those with ** SPOILERS **. You may post setlists and show reports there and discuss them.

    The city/show threads will be made available on the day of the show.


  • Another idea:

    On those city/show threads it would be nice for fans to post pre-show gatherings for each of those cities.

    I had such experiences with Yesfans in the USA and Canada, those were very nice experiences getting to meet and have a cool one before the shows. We also did this for the Marillion weekend events.

    Just sharing an idea that would be a nice icebreaker and social appetizer before the shows.

  • There will seven different threads for show reports, photos and setlist. Those threads will go online early on the day of the first show.

    You may add separate threads for show gatherings. I suggest to call them

    [date, city] pre- and after show fan gatherings

    or something similar

  • what is / where is the problem?

    There's a few but never mind. I don't think it can be realistically prevented fully, and I understand that - members are excited and interested, and it spills out, we're all human. I thought I'd mention just as a general flag to help people remember as far as possible but I don't want to get into spotlighting exactly where spoilers have strayed into other threads, it feels so petty on my part. I'm only visiting the football score threads for now.

    Abandon all reason