GENESIS live in Osnabrück 1973

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    Just when you thought you knew everything, something like this appears …

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  • This was indeed part of the Selling England tour, but things were obviously a bit dfferent back then (compared to later tours). Tracks might have been played before the album was released and things were not that static.

  • Was this some sort of warm-up gig prior to the SEBTP tour starting? Hogweed is thrown in, which was not part of the standard SEBTP setlist, hence the question.

    The Selling England tour began with a handful of dates in France, Germany and Switzerland. The only full length recordings we have from these shows are from Osnabruck and Munster, both of which have Hogweed as the encore. By the time of the UK leg in October the order of the songs had be re-jigged and Hogweed dropped and replaced by The Knife at the few shows where an encore was played. These two recordings first appeared in 2008 when the taper lent his master tapes to AS, who many will know from his Hogweeds series, to transfer and master, although neither were actually released as part of the Hogweeds project for reasons I can't now recall.